About You



Our clients are typically Leaders who


  • Want to leverage diversity and innovation initiatives to drive commercial outcomes
  • Want their organisation to represent their customers better
  • Want an integrated approach to people strategies, and cut through to leverage investment
  • Have business performance strategies and need matching organisation strategies and design
  • Want a transformation roadmap for their team or organisation
  • Are poised for growth or renewal and need to clarify their approach




Quick Questions



We typically ask our clients these questions

  • Does your organisation have a natural and routine way to self question and course correct?
  • Do we systematically ask, other than your KPI’s, what else are you capable of?
  • When have we actively hired and supported people who are different from the majority of people in our organisation, knowing that their presence will cause everyone in the organisation to think differently?
  • Have we consciously placed people who think differently into organisation hotspots?
  • How often do we consciously design the organisation and the whole people system so that different thinking is brought to bear on the business and its operating model?
  • Are we clear when easy-to-use, technology based people solutions can be used to future proof a business?
  • And are we clear when human centered, connective mechanisms are needed to engage our people?



Are we future proofed for the digital age ?








We typically get this feedback

  • the work brought brand and commercial repute to the organisaion
  • the numbers are still holding years later
  • organization ‘know how’ embedded solutions in ways I have not seen before
  • ‘business speak’ is refreshing and grounded
  • you know the implementation pitfalls because you have ‘done’ transformations not ‘advised’ them
  • we reduced spend and optimised outcomes
  • its helpful to see the umbrella strategy and the way to link and integrate it togegther
  • this is hard, good to see a plan designed by people who have implemented elsewhere
  • real life business examples are great
  • the solutions can be used for our people but also for external PR and even customers