About Us



We work with leaders to evolve their people and organisation to new ways of thinking and doing. To help future proof your organisation. We know when different people come together to solve a problem the solutions are richer than even if a highly talented homogeneous group of people worked on solutions for the same problem.  We know even the best organisations need to check their health from time to time and evolve as needed



Our higher purpose


Help the world move to new thinking

Where different thinking is valued and collaboration is the way we work



Leader’s story


Gail Symons


Gail is passionate about organisation renewal. She actions personal renewal by running and doing pilates; drawing and colouring to stay playful and creative; and hanging out in nature to be calm and restored.  She Supports Sea Shepherd and the RSPCA because she’s a vegetarian and fan of our environment. She spends her spare time trying to get street cred with her boys, Zachary and Sebastian

She co-founded a social movement, 5050by2020, to bring women into C suite roles in corporate Australia, so men and women can have partnership and participation in all aspects of our lives. Because of her heritage and life, diversity is not a concept, its lived, breathed and felt. Her different thinking comes from this

Gail worked in leadership roles in Nortel Networks, Qantas, Optus, eftpos and Jurlique. Her background is in Sociology (Sydney University), she has a Masters in Organisation Design & Development (George Washington University), and accreditation in Design Thinking (Macquarie Graduate School of Management). Gail has completed a Harvard Business School programme for Leaders in Decision Making & Negotiation, an Executive HR programme at the University of Michigan, and is an accredited user of the MBTI and Saville- Holsworth Suite of Psychometric Tools.


She dedicates our higher purpose to the thinkers, the inventors, the ones who ask questions, the magicians, artists, alchemists, the playful ones – people whose thinking organisations will need




Our Values



We believe organisations are at their best when people are inspired by the purpose of the organisation and solve problems as if the business were their own

Our values:

Co-creation: shaping a way forward together

Different thinking: bringing possibilities

Truth telling: simplicity & clarity by fearlessly going to the heart of the issue

Inspiration: energy & care for you and for what matters



Our Strengths



Our clients  have challenges and they trust we’ll  help address them because  of our strengths

  • ‘Corporate-conscious’ – we get it and speak your language
  • Link to commercial and brand outcomes
  • No pretences
  • Passionate about different thinking and inspiring action
  • Unmatched track record of achieving cut through



5050BY2020® was born out of a fervent desire to see change … tangible outcomes that will benefit not only working women and men but the bottom line for Corporate Australia.

Started by change agent and activist, Gail Symons and communication guru and businesswoman, Jane Jordan, 5050BY2020® is about demanding equality for women – explicitly, at board, CEO and CEO Leadership team levels.

5050BY2020® is a brave, bold, action-orientated movement that requires bold supporters and we invite you to join us in our quest to see radical change.